Sunday, April 17, 2011

Some news

If you know anyone in Palm Beach County, Florida, please let them know I will be in the area and doing a public reading/signing event at Changing Times on Thursday, May 5th from 6 to 7 pm. I'll have "Journey to the Meaning of Love" on hand for purchase. The owner, David Cronin, loves the book and is very excited to have the event...he is a dear to host this when it isn't a 'money maker' for him. And...I don't know him that is a great validation for me. For those unfamiliar with the area, Changing Times is located on Village Blvd., slightly north of Palm Beach Lakes Blvd (if you are taking I-95, head west at the exit). Also...some of you might have seen my 'fairy tale for all ages', which has been waiting for an illustrator to appear. Well...I believe that has just occurred. In what could be an amazing tale of its own, I found someone who is as enthused about the idea as I am. It seems just before I got the idea and began writing, his wife of 35 years (who passed away suddenly in late 2005) had the idea of a 'fantastical, magical tale with an environmental theme' and hoped he would illustrate it (he's an accomplished artist, but that's not his 'day job' which is working with children as a psychiatrist). So when he heard my idea (and I wrote the story in 2006) he lit up with delight and thinks his wife sent me to him. Could be true! So, soon I will post a short excerpt from "The Fairy Who Hated Fall", the first of what will be at least two stories in this adventure series about the Appalachian fairies Melarose and Runawind...on Look for it!