Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Musing on What's Hot and What's Not

I was thinking today that, to be truly radical now in the writing world you need to go back to writing in forms, rhyming (without trying to...poets, you know the difference. One is a flow and one is a greeting card!) and tackling sacred cows like: 'don't write poems about poetry'.
And since that is really 'the way' to break with the mainstream now (oh, Slammers will be angry and so will the unconstructed, but hey, there's just so many of you out there now...you are no longer different!) I realized I had a truly radical and groundbreaking poem in "Fruit of the Banyan Tree" (a collection by the Ruminators, published in 2009). It is called "Somewhere the Goddess" and commits the two sins of writing in rhyming sonnet form and writing about writing poetry!! And then, it's also kind of Dorothy Parker in places. Here it is:

Somewhere the Goddess
If he compared her to a summer's day
In the current age of global warming,
While turning bright red in intense sun rays
She would not think it sounded so charming.
If he said his love would stay as strong
As the moment he first eyed her eye,
When passionate ties don't last that long,
She would surely think, "He lies."
But though sonnetteers must all move along
Dip their pens in the ink of the latest fad
Fill their cups from the latest hip-hop song
Learn to write post modern verse and be glad
Somewhere the Goddess of Romance still lurks
Feeding on small, sweet sentimental quirks.
Tell me that ain't so! And guys, don't forget to bring flowers...

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